The Making of Translucent Glass

Translucent glass

Translucent glass may be found all over the house. glass doors and home windows, lights glass, drinkware, glass cabinets and bathroom accessories are all not unusual examples of glass merchandise which can be translucent.

The purpose of making some glass products translucent is that the glass will nonetheless transmit mild while it reasons enough diffusion to save you notion of wonderful pics. in different phrases you still have the mild but you can not see thru it. lavatory windows and doorways are exact examples.

Translucent glass is also discovered as the result of a few glass decoration strategies. a few glass doorways can have beautiful translucent decorations and many glassware is etched to make translucent emblem's or any other form of personalization.

The two maximum famous strategies for making translucent glass are sandblasting and acid etching. every other approach for etching of glassware is glass laser etching and a relatively new method for making etched glassware is using a frosting glass paint which gives an etched effect.

What takes place at some point of the method of etching is that the smooth glass surface is roughened. this roughened glass surface scatters the mild upon entering the glass. whilst getting into clear glass the mild reveals no obstruction.

With sandblasting the glass surface is bombarded with small particles created from carborundum (the "sand"). this powder is propelled with excessive pressure air to the glass in high-pace and for the duration of the collision of the debris with the glass floor tiny portions of glass are blasted away. it's also referred to as "abbrasive sandblasting". the end result is that the easy surface roughens up and from transparent it turns into translucent.

For sandblasting you need a compressor to create a excessive-speed air stream and the blasting itself has to be accomplished in a closed place. either the operator has to ware a closed suite with air supply and do the paintings in a closed room or the sandblasting is finished in a so referred to as glovebox, wherein the operator stands outside a sealed box and in which he/she will be able to do the paintings via putting the arms in gloves which might be so organized that the "sand" can not come out of doors the container.

Acid etching
Acid etching is accomplished by response of the glass floor with acid. the acid eats elements of the glass surface and roughens up the smooth glass surface.

The acids are unsafe no longer handiest on contact but also the fumes are very poisonous.
The acid can be in liquid form or are as a cream. liquid is used for etching huge surfaces, like a whole vase or a window. etching lotions are ideal for making designs on glass. a masking foil is used to cowl the areas which need to no longer be etched.(these covering foils are also used with sandblasting.)

Acid etching is a incredible hobby and, with the aid of using etching cream, additionally quite secure to do at domestic. regular portions of glass may be turned into pieces of art.

Comparing the result from sandblasting and acid etching shows that sandblasting is a great deal rougher. acid etched glass has a clean satin-like look and contact.

Glass laser etching
Laser etching is an thrilling technique since you don't ought to use covering foils, chemicals or closed working regions.

The device here is a gadget. in the system there's a co2 laser. the laser beam is directed thru mirrors to the spot on the glass wherein the etching have to be done. the warmth of the laser blasts part of the glass away leaving an etched mark. pushed by means of a computer the laser beam can be located everywhere at the glass floor and any pictures can on this manner be etched onto the glass surface.

Glass laser etching is a powerful ornament method. with the help of a computer any photo, photograph or logo can be prepared and the following step is to allow the laser do the work. the tedious paintings you need to do with acid etching or sandblasting, by casting off small components from the overlaying foil for delicate portraits, you do not need to do with glass laser etching. so it safes numerous time.

Frosting glass paint
Etching is a nice ornament technique however no longer all and sundry is charmed of running with risky chemicals or has the cash to put money into equipment.

The paint corporations have been capable of make glass paints which give glass a frosted end. the frosted look from the paints is also satin-like just like the result of acid or laser etching.

Frosted glass made with frosting glass paints can be very durable. whilst the use of the right frosting glass paint it's miles possible to apply glass cleaners and solvents for putting off greasy finger marks or, in case of glassware, placed them within the dish washer.

Any other large advantage of frosting glass paints is that the paint can be clean and coloured. so in one step a clear obvious glass may be turned into a coloured etched glass and logo's and other pictures may be in multi-colour.

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